What an interesting perspective-to be a patient in my own clinic! I just enjoyed an amazing Reiki treatment by Brie Henderson on my own treatment table. She is highly recommended!
— Leslee Watt, Owner of Prana Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Yoga. Yoga Instructor at Moksha Yoga.
My session with Brie was very powerful physically and spiritually. Not only did I feel physical improvement but she also had very insightful impressions to share with me.
— Marlo Boux, Founder at Living a Wholehearted Life and Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Coach for Women
I didn’t know what to expect from my first reiki experience. Before I laid down on the table, I had been inundated with migraines and jaw tension for days. I felt a deep sense of relaxation permeate my body as Brie worked with my energy. I became mindfully attuned to the areas where I was holding emotion, that had resulted in physical pain. Upon leaving the session, my migraine and jaw tension had lessened, and I felt a deep, peaceful connection to my body.
— Kristin Lane Garner, Owner of Prairie Sprite Designs & Marketing Coordinator at Karma Yoga & Dragon Arts Collective
Thank you Brie for the wonderful Reiki session. I feel relaxed and rebalanced.
— Roxanne Persowich, Owner of Balance Massage
Dear Brie, I’m very grateful for the assisted renewal, clearing, and re-stabilization of my spirit-body during these deep times of change. Thank you for your amazing steady focus and for bringing such deep loving intent to your Reiki sessions. I feel deeper peace and clarity again. Your sessions are a profound supportive and encouraging experience for me. Thank you!
— Mani
My session with Brie was exactly what I needed! I love the convenience that she is mobile and was able to come to my location and work on me. Upon meeting her, she made me feel very comfortable as if we had known each other for several years! It was nice that she went over the steps explaining the cleansing of the room and using crystals in her sessions, as we had discussed on the phone. At the start of our session, I could feel that she immediately tuned into where my body needed more work. I could feel energy moving throughout my body and I was able to relax. I’m sure I drifted off a few times. I highly recommend Brie to anyone of my friends and family! She is truly gifted in what she does. I’m looking forward to my next session.
— Dawn Braden, Owner of Dawn Braden Massage and Independent Consultant
I was a skeptic as it is beyond my comprehension to have energy taken away from me by someone else. However, I thought I would try it once. Within the first few minutes I was blown away by how I could actually feel something. I had my eyes closed, but I could feel where her hands were by feeling a ‘whoosh’ at different parts of my body. You have to try it as I can’t explain the feeling. It was such a relaxing and enlightening experience and it completely removed my skepticism. I look forward to my next session. Thanks again Brie!
— David Phillips
My experience with Brie’s Reiki session inspired a deeper spiritual approach to self love. Her friendly and caring presence allowed me to relax and be completely mindful while she alleviated some blocked and stressed energies throughout my body. Upon completing the session, my mind was relaxed and my heart was grateful. I am looking forward to more healing.
— Christina Phaneuf, Massage Therapist